s c o t t t u l a y

solo exhibit
Gurari Collections May 7th to May 30th 2010 and
May 4th to May 27th 2012

Gurari Collections is pleased to present an exhibition of work-on-paper by the artist Scott Tulay. Entitled DIMENSIONAL/TRANSPARENCIES, the exhibition investigates the ambiguity of space. Whether inspired by built form or natural context his art is constructed by an armature of light. Light is engaged in defining space, which also possesses a transmission quality - movement of light in space. Scott Tulay is especially attuned to exploring this relationship. With training and practice in fine art and architecture he tries to push his work, rendering up imagined graphic geometries of the manmade, yet, applying the deftness of a painter's sensibility. Employing perspective skillfully, Tulay engages us by layering the dimensional space ambiguously. Prismatic and hurried light beckons us to read the work cinematically. Conversely, a haunting almost ghosting sensation pervades other work where one can hear a silence of space.

Principally a monochromatic palette persists juxtaposing values from black to white. Hints of color inflect some work, thereby invoking a suggestive context. Using ink, charcoal and pastel, the mediums cohabitat the compositions deftly and seamlessly. This adroitness in technique delivers vibrant and energetic compositions. Tulay brings us to thresholds of new spatial perception in this exhibition.

With a degree in Art History from Tufts University and a graduate degree from M.I.T. in Architecture, Tulay has professionally focused on practicing architecture. His interest in investigating the boundaries of spatial relationships has lead him back to fine art as a means of fulfilling this exploration. Scott Tulay's artwork has been written about in national fine art journals and is in institutional and private collections.

-Russ Gerard
Gurari Collections

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